Law Firm, Milan


Studio A. Zanuso Architetti Associati

Milan, Italy


410 sqm

Leo Torri

The office lighting project as developed for this prestigious law firm located in the center of Milan in a 1940’s building was based on the intention of a more viable and sustainable workspace.

All the interior spaces were previously restored in 2002 for accommodating all the necessary uses, from meeting rooms, library and archives, until a dedicated fitness area.

Metis Lighting’s intervention was included in the second phase of the overall renovation process in 2015, including several meeting areas and the partial refurbishment of the Archive and Library Room.

The office lighting system had to be entirely substituted in order to be more efficient and sustainable including the extensive use of the LED technology.

At this point and since the refurbishment project included the electrical and air conditioning system replacement, lighting was integrated in resulting ceiling coves, either for illuminating features such as the archive built-in libraries, or wall features, adding another lighting component in the meeting rooms lighting scene.

Light control became an important topic, since the various lighting scenarios were a request of high importance from the client.

In the two meeting rooms, light was studied to provide proper illuminance levels in the central part of the meeting room, or on the side walls, or on the projection wall, all controlled to meet any different situation and visual need.

Apart from the office dedicated lighting, in the Reception area a coffer ceiling with integrated light was introduced in order to offer a sense of lightness together with a more bright, daylight-like atmosphere.

For Metis Lighting, working on the lighting of spaces were users spend extensive time and execute specific and demanding tasks is always a challenge in order to improve the human experience as much as possible

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