Lighting Beam

Massimo De Carlo Gallery


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Aggiolight

For the Massimo de Carlo Art Gallery lighting project, a custom lighting fixture was designed for introducing a contemporary museum lighting system.

The Gallery is located inside the iconic residential building Corbellini Wasserman signed by Piero Portaluppi. The interiors are dominated by the main characteristics of the famous architect of the 30’s, the coffered lozenged shaped ceilings, the geometric ornaments, the marble and timber claddings. The rooms had to be adapted in museum halls and lighting was an important component in this transformation.

This multifunctional object was meant to provide diffuse and direct light, while at the same time didn’t invade the historical context due to its sophisticated appearance. Most importantly, it shouldn’t in any case intervene on the existing ceilings and had to minimize its overall impact.

The lighting proposal was a self-bearing beam mounted on the side walls, with two sides of diffuser and an incorporated track on the bottom accommodating adjustable projectors.

Track mounted fixtures are a common element in the museum lighting. The diffusing light, other than being the main architectural lighting element, revealing the particular ceilings, it adds an important component for the proper artwork illumination.

The custom-made fixture other than the versatile lighting scenarios in terms of direction and intensity of light, it also offers the possibility to change the colour temperature of the diffusing component, with dynamic white LEDS.

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