Decorative Floor lamp

Massimo De Carlo Gallery


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Aggiolight

In the new Massimo De Carlo Gallery in Milan, a new custom floor lamp was developed for serving the lighting scheme and creating a fil rouge with the history of the space.

When the famous architect of the 1930’s Piero Portaluppi designed the Corbellini Wasserman Residence, he set two rather monumental floor lamps in the entrance. The floor lamp was composed by a marble body and lighting fixtures for upwards indirect illumination.

This gesture was decided to be restored, creating a custom made contemporary floor lamp inspired by the original one. The column shaped body was maintained but changing material from marble to bronze, while the top part was transformed from marble opaque into glass diffusing light element.

Specifically, the glass element was a special feature made of diffusing glass turning into completely transparent and covered again with a concave diffusing element, for discerning the light in a gentle way and protecting the LED source.

At the end of the project, the custom floor lamp was manufactured by Aggiolight and became a standard product for the market.

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