Ballroom Suspension

Bulgari Hotel


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Padghaman&Putland

The Ballroom custom suspension is a result of an effort to create a unique element in this specific area of the London Bulgari Hotel.

A famous silversmith was entrusted and created this swirling form that was created in an effort to resemble a dancing form, given the use of the space.

Metis Lighting indicated the necessary spotlights for downwards lighting at the bottom of the ‘’curl’’, as well as the spotlights for upwards lighting and sparkling effect in the ‘’arms’’.

The pair of Ballroom custom suspensions create a dialogue with the large coffer ceiling where they’re positioned, composing a scenographic composition.

The light sources are LED with dynamic white color changing technology, able to recall light color temperature setups in the London Bulgari Hotel ballroom the whole day, or for special events. 

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