CP Company Showroom, Via Savona

CP Company

Cosmelli Arch, Doerrie Arch

Milan, Italy


160 sqm

Gionata Xerra / Gianni Berengo Gardin

The lighting scheme of the CP Company Showroom in Milan elaborated by Metis Lighting intended not only to provide an efficient illumination on the merchandise but also to highlight the rather unique architectural context. Interestingly enough, the two goals and the relative lighting gestures worked finely intertwined.

For the main merely retail oriented lighting, the Koi lighting fixtures designed by Metis Lighting were located suspended from the ceiling providing flexible accent light. Koi lamps consist in a set of adjustable projectors on different heights, mounting dichroic lamps and can be focused individually.

This concept gives the chance to illuminate properly the underlying merchandise in an extensive area due to the flexible focusing ability.

Once illuminated the exhibited garments and accessories, some more soft light that would create a soft bright layer was required. For this lighting effect, adjustable projectors were mounted close to the structural beams illuminating the intrados of the slopped roofs. This lighting gesture revealed the spatial context and by reflection provides a homogeneous general light. At the same time, the windows protruding from the roof emanate the light from the inside, transforming them into luminous lanterns.

Light was also integrated in the vertical architectural features on the corners of the Showroom structure turning them into elegant and sophisticated lamp posts. Adjustable projectors together with linear fluorescent tubes are mounted in the core of the structure behind opal glass surfaces. The two different kinds of light give the possibility to slightly adjust the direction of the light beam, despite the homogeneous external result of the lamp.

In this Showroom, Metis Lighting applied the concept of mixed quality of light in a retail space contributing to the correct illumination of the goods, as well as the visual description of the architectural space itself.

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