Barovier & Toso Showroom, Murano

Barovier & Toso

Studio Associato Calvi Brambilla Architetti

Murano, Italy


760 sqm

Courtesy Barovier & Toso

In the canals of Murano, the glimpse of the visitor is attracted from the white stone entrance with the emblematic ‘La Cristalleria Murano’’ sign and from the two high windows you can see already see through a glowing glass suspension. Barovier & Toso launches its new Showroom in a building of the 1930’s confering the luxury of the company’s lighting crafts. The lighting project in this store had the task to balance the light emanating from the legendary chandeliers and the illumination of the glass elements themselves.
The Calvi Brambilla studio decided to unify the history of the context in an attempt to also reminiscing the Historicality if the craft of the Barovier and Toso glass manufacturing, together with a more contemporary articulated background, bringing this history to today.

Close”Black tones cover up most of the Ground Floor, accomodating the Reception area and the place from which the visitor will immerse in the rest of the Palazzo. Table lamps and suspensions stand out glowing in the dark background.
Complementary lighting integrated in architectural details has been used for underlining the space and some features like the staircase.
In the first floor several monochromatic rooms succeed one another holding the story telling of the Brand, by presenting their most known collections of glass elements illuminated by integrated sources or concealed adjustable projectors.
Lighting integrated in the showcases offers different possibilities to present the unique crafts, their details and colours.
Illuminating glass crafts is very close to illuminating jewels, and coping with the transparency, reflections and absolutely unwanted glare is the main challenge, especially in such dark toned environment. Presenting those unique pieces of art had been highly demanding, together with very much rewarding when being able to witness how light and glass create magic.
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