Balenciaga, London


Substance & Inhalt

London, UK


335 sqm

Annik Wetter

Since 2018, the Spanish label is on a turning point, after the arrival of the new stylist Demna Gvasalia, and the new Balenciaga boutiques are becoming an important event in the fashion world. Metis is called to apply the new lighting concept in several stores, starting from the Flagship in London.

In the Sloane Street Boutique, the chromatic palette is extremely minimal and industrial. The grayscale hues are predominant and cover also from the millwork features to ceiling finishings and this way represent a very neutral showcase background for the extravagant and flamboyant coloured products and shapes of the brand.

In this rather aseptic futuristic environment, the strong colour carpet completes the image revealing the space and all the full-height mirrors play with the visitor’s perception, expanding the limits of the space and the visual boundaries.

The lighting project contributed in a very decisive way in maintaining and enhancing this cutting-edge atmosphere. The ceiling is covered with extensive diffuse light surface with electrified tracks running across with adjustable projectors for the accent lighting component.

Lighting is also complemented with the integration of linear lighting fixtures in the various shelves elements or counters. In this lighting of the renovated image of the brand, light didn’t only remain a background element in a retail space, theatrically illuminating the products, but became a scenography for transmitting a feeling and an innovative era that the specific label wants to convey with the interior design and not only with the garments and accessories.

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