Acqua di Parma, Via Gesù

Acqua di Parma

Concept by Patricia Grosdemange / Construction by Studio Fortebis

Milan, Italy


130 sqm

Courtesy Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma lighting project was developed for the famous italian brand that launched its Milanese Retail boutique spreading contemporary design, colourful products, scents and the lighting scenery and it was implemented for conveying the bright Mediterranean atmosphere.

The interior design concept was developed by the architect Patricia Grosdemange who decided to create a ‘welcoming, intimate and dynamic’ context for portraying all the products of the brand: from fragrances to candles, up until the new feature, the barber shop.

Lighting is integrated in every niche, shelf, showcase table and feature, focused on the products or creating a bright backdrop.

Sophisticated lighting details were developed for accentuating the products, while the light sources remain concealed.

The same criteria were used also for the ceiling lighting, with the deeply recessed downlights. However, the Acqua di Parma lighting fixtures fittings provide very flexible focusing on the various products. Additionally, a meticulous study was implemented for specifying the proper colour temperature of the light dedicated to each lit product and surface, while at the same time, the overall result stayed balanced.

Nevertheless, the seemingly simple lighting concept had to obtain focal points in the space despite the general brightness reminiscing the Mediterranean light. For this reason, light was integrated in scenographic elements, like the big scale fragrance bottle, or behind the large logo mounted on the wall.

The result is an Acqua di Parma lighting project developed inside a Retail space composed by a sequence of rooms with bright and pleasant light scenes, giving out an intimate background for the brand’s showcased scents and colours.

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