Dec 14, 2023

It’s that time of the year. The time in which we sum up twelve months of hard work and try to put in line all that happened: 2023 has been a year of extensive sharing of light and knowledge with clients, architects, students, manufacturers and people.

Here something we’re proud of and some numbers:

  • We inaugurated the wonderful Bulgari Hotel in Roma
  • We visited more than 50 Retail stores in more than 30 cities in US, Japan, China, Middle East and Europe. This meant airplane tickets and travel miles for focusing trips around the world
  • We created our own T-shirt for standing out in the construction sites
  • We presented a temporary light exhibition, The Art of Light, in Palazzo Bovara during the Fuorisalone with more than 50.000 visitors (!)
  • We talked in front of more than 500 people among which architects, project managers, students, lighting designers.
    ACPV architects in Milan invited us in their Academy meetings. APIL organised another Progettare Il Progettista event and La Sapienza invited some Metis members to talk about their own lighting journeys
  • We expanded our team with more than 5 new members, joining our design, administration and communication departments
  • We did more than 25 lunch presentations – weekly meet-ups where we share our accomplishments, doubts, knowledge around all the lighting projects processed. Details gone bad, broken lighting fixtures, difficult collaborations or super-efficient light manufacturers are only some of the stories shared. 


So we did light.
We spoke, discussed, dreamed.. all about light.
And good light- guaranteeing visual ease and environmentally conscious practice – is an act of caring. Cheers to all of us and to a bright and splendid 2024!

Metis Lighting

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