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Progettare il Progettista 2024: how the conference unfolded.

July 8th, 2024

Always special and above all formative has been the XII edition of Progettare il Progettista, an annual event organized by a group of APIL members few days after the party, which deals with contemporary, relevant, of primary importance topics: this year we hosted a panel of truly exceptional speakers who discussed issues related to artificial intelligence in its semiotic, ethical and technological meanings.

It is in fact more and more evident that the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the field of design does not have the characteristics of a passing trend but of a reality that needs to be mainly addressed in terms of clarity and transparency.

The revolutionary impetus nature with which AI is emerging in the world of creative production, in a broad sense, has profound repercussions on the concepts of architecture and design, on the meaning of creativity, so closely linked to the innovations and technologies of all time.
It is just enough to dedicate a reflection to the evolutions of meaning and the need for an adaptation of the creative process linked to the tools, and therefore to the technologies that the architect has had at his disposal in the context of recent history: from drawing to the drawing board, from CAD to BIM.
Revolutions that have undoubtedly significantly influenced the way of thinking about architecture, light and the design of objects.

The topic is so immense that we needed to start somewhere: this edition of “Progettare il Progettista” was a first step, the road ahead of us is long and certainly exciting.

A special thanks to the APIL members who worked hard to make this edition possible:
Marinella Patetta, Giacomo Rossi, Silvia Perego, Andrea Ingrosso.
APIL opened its doors to us, and we thank the president Bianca Tresoldi, as well as the secretary, Francesca Tansini.
Finally, thanks to the wealth of content brought by the speakers, moderated by Lucrezia Goldin, journalist:

Looking forward to the next edition!

Photo credits: courtesy of APIL

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