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September 30, 2022

This September, lights were switched on in a new ‘’place to be’’ right in the centre of Milan. Either for sipping a good coffee in the morning, lingering under a magnolia tree for a lunch break or having an aperitif at the end of the day, the new Illy Cafè has opened its doors.

Red, style, art and design are the elements that ACPV ARCHITECTS skillfully arranged together for expressing the historic brand’s essence and translate it into a new restyled space – calling it a cafè is an understatement! Carefully set lighting scenarios, concealed lighting details and custom designed chandeliers are used to highlight all the feature elements and accompany the guest through the whole experience.

In the heart of the world-famous Fashion Quadrilateral, in Via Montenapoleone, passersby can glance a shimmering chandelier made of cups that invite them in the courtyard. The elegant and iconic red Bar counter is illuminated by a custom suspension, for both direct and indirect light. Its backdrop shelves with glasses and spirits becomes a lamp itself when evening arrives.

In the Indoor Seating area, artwork and feature cups designed by famous artists are the main focus. Same for the Gallery room, where different Illy legacy items and merchandise are enhanced by light. Illy’s history takes shape becoming light again; a chandelier was designed getting inspiration from Illy’s historical logo integrating ambient indirect light.

Despite being a small-scale Hospitality project – by the way, executed in BIM – this project showcases largely Metis Lighting’s toolkit. From the integration in millwork, architecture and landscape elements, to the design of custom lighting features, lighting works as a musical score playing in a movie. It’s always present and emphasizes the story plot twists when needed, revealing new dimensions and layers.

So, if you are just back in town or visiting Milan, enjoy for yourselves this new place evoking Made in Italy at its best!

Photo Credits

Courtesy Illy Caffè

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