Nichia Webinar Luxury Store Lighting


May 10, 2021

What are the key aspects of lighting high-end retail stores? Answers will be looked for in occasion of the webinar Luxury Store Lighting 101: Innovation, Design, Sustainability organized by Nichia on May 20 at 2.30PM.

Metis Lighting will take part in quality of lighting design studio, together with LVMH and Formula Luci that, respectively, will provide the point of view of a light end-user and a luminaire maker.

Paolo Giovane, lighting designer and senior project manager at Metis Lighting, will discuss our approach to the lighting design of a high-end retail store. Four are the design fundamentals we always keep in mind: the product lighting, the interior architecture lighting, the design of the lighting fixtures and, last but not least, the environmental sustainability.

If the first three tenets are very well known among lighting designers as they were enunciated by Richard Kelly in 1952, the fourth one required many years to be included within the priorities of designers.

Being environmentally sustainable is a challenging but achievable goal. When dealing with luxury retail stores, the matter is to take care of all the aspects related to sustainability and, at the same time, integrate them in a frame of beauty, allure, quality, and emotion.

Sustainability in high-end retail stores is the topic around which the actors of the supply chain involved in the webinar will give their contributions. Nichia’s guests, in addition to Nichia’s Lighting Division Manager Alessandro Afeltra, will be Nicolas Martin on behalf of LVMH, Paolo Giovane on behalf of Metis Lighting, and Claudio Scaroni on behalf of Formula luci.

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