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July 10th, 2024

2024 is the 25th anniversary year of APIL, the Association of Lighting Professionals.

APIL is an organization linked to Federlegno group which “aims to represent, throughout the national territory, professionals in the lighting sector whose activity is carried out in an autonomous, independent and neutral manner”. Furthermore, “it aims to give the right evidence, visibility and recognition to a specialized professional figure who, in recent years, has proven to be fundamental for the qualitative growth of the entire sector. The role of the independent professional must be protected […] by a representative body, such as a free association that monitors the work of its members, contributing to professional and cultural growth”*.

APIL, over the years, has been a place of meeting and discussion between similar professionals with different and varied knowledge, training and specificities: the real significance has been to highlight the value of each one, building serious and honest relationships of collaboration and dialogue, sharing experiences, teachings, and innovations.
It was therefore decided to celebrate this anniversary by bringing together a large group of people with two things certainly in common: the passion for light and the commitment to ensure the due recognition and valorisation to the profession of Lighting Designer.

There was a special, beautiful atmosphere, we danced and chatted, we discovered a real community of faces and voices, not just a network of acquaintances but a physical, present reality, intertwined with bonds and relationships.

photo credits: courtesy of APIL

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