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Sep 29, 2023

If you think that August was only holidays, well, for some of our team members this is not pretty correct. Many of the flagship stores around the world opening for the various Fashion Weeks, have been visited and fine-tuned by some of Metis lighting people in person.

Once a lighting layout is done, an order of lighting fixtures is placed and after the on-site installation, there is another crucial phase for the project to be complete. Being it a Retail or Hospitality space, Facade, Museum or even a private residence, before it gets switched on and delivered to the users, it has to get properly… hands-on arranged. Every adjustable downlight or projector, in the ceilings, walls or inside the small showcases have, to be reached out and directed on any specific target lighting designers have studied.

But wait: It’s not only about focal points, but also about intensity of light, adequately adjusted for avoiding the viewer’s eye, combining adjacent system of light fittings, balancing resulting shadows, setting scenes and finalising the image of every room and its components.

These are considerations that we develop while studying any lighting layout, but still, the on-site experience remains an important field addressing precious feedback and knowledge.

Even if this procedure seems simple to carry out, our focusing team – or focusing rangers as we like to call them – shared with us several secrets and piece of advice. The menu includes climbing up and down all kind of ladders, switching on and off buttons, fittings and screen tabs, dimming and overall dancing with light!

Giuseppe suggests carrying a large number of spare gloves for avoiding using… socks (true story) or hurting your hands. Also, when mannequins are not yet in place – which is more than often – you can ask the store’s staff to pose for a moment. He also advises to establish a language based on mimics for better coordinating with electricians and installers, in case other common languages are not available or enough.

Luca also advises offering regularly an espresso to the whole team, recalling Italian culture and helping to keep up the pace for work. He also introduced Metis-walkie-talkie devices that became the new focusing must-have gadget!

Angelo suggests carrying nasty snacks since dinner is not always available when working extra long hours, while Martino advises to carry some taxi numbers to carry you home once your job is done too late or too early for public transport.

Gherardo has invented his own focusing tool and Roberta Miani is the master of preparing all the necessary documentation and equipment including laptop, luxmeter and camera.

Well, light is not a given. A bunch of lumen means nothing without direction or context. And for guaranteeing the best and most efficient result, a lighting designer’ s physical hands are necessary!

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