Showcase in Dior Jewelry Store


June 27, 2022

The city of Paris welcomed back the Dior 30 Avenue Montaigne during its world-renowned fashion week, that was held in March, after two years of intensive renovation under the direction of Peter Marino Architects. This whole new Dior universe represents a unique masterpiece from various points of view; other than accommodating the full extension of Dior’s creations, the store itself is part of the Maison’s history, since 1946.

Since Shanghai Plaza 66 Flagship store in 2008, Metis Lighting has never stopped experimenting different atmospheres, concepts, aesthetic values and consequently all the lighting principles employed for illuminating every craft and architectural container for Dior.

From the very beginning, the 30 Avenue Montaigne flagship interiors have been a demanding project due to the intention of the design team to provide a 360° shopping and living experience. From the feature staircase showcasing luminous “white canvas” floating on the wall, to the Dior Suite and of course all the various exhibited goods, lighting had to use museum, hospitality and retail principles. The overall wandering of the visitor passing from interior to covered sculptured landscape keeps changing lighting qualities intertwined with natural light or artificial diffuse bright illuminance.

Garments, unique crafts from all the fields Dior touched throughout the years; shoes, bags, accessories, Haute Couture and homeware, are all illuminated by innovative adjustable lighting fixtures. Being deeply shielded and highly efficient, the downlights managed to transform the entire image of the store with almost invisible light.

30 Avenue Montaigne reveals the high-quality skillset and artistry of all the actors involved in this project that together produced another Dior artefact itself to admire, enjoy and live in.

Photo Credits

Kristen Pelou

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