Metis Lighting

Art, Architecture, City planning, Design, Ergonomics, Psychology, Philosophy, Ecology and Marketing are now days the disciplines interested in the study of light. It is evident, thereby, that the designing of a simple electrical scheme is now insufficient. Within a project, we try to obtain a complete interdisciplinary synthesis that internally combines all the new acquired knowledge within different fields and sectors. This is what, daily and rationally, we keep in our minds when we approach a new project with the target to value the architectural environment in respect of all technical parameters.

Light, for many decades and till recent years has been considered as a product mainly derived from electrical schemes and light fixtures as simple appendixes absorbing electricity like switches and electrical sockets. The lighting project has remained a prerogative for electrical engineers who developed it only emphasizing quantity aspects as electrical loadings and lighting levels. Only recently it has been understood that lighting has important influences on several aspects of our life and its designing was enriched with new contents and values.